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This year we’re celebrating all things lost! We have lights, performances and music where you’ll want to get lost in space, time, the outdoors and maybe even lost in love.​

A sneaky preview of this year's carnival

Fungi Fantasia

Fungi Fantasia

Hang out under the toadstool canopy in this fantasy fun land and be dwarfed by the towering mushrooms created by Amigo and Amigo. Brought to you by our friends at Mitre 10 MEGA Petone.


Karaoke Love Songs

Put down the shampoo bottle microphone, and sing your heart out at HighLight’s very own karaoke station. Belt out a ballad and tune into your inner Whitney at our Love Songs till’ Midnight sponsored by the team at Ray White Kemeys Brothers.

Trumpet Flowers

Feel as though you’re shrinking as you walk through our supersized trumpet flower garden, sponsored by The Breeze. Designed by Amigo and Amigo, these flowers aren’t just pretty to look at, you’ll also be able to do some “musical” things with them. Come see for yourself!


Give your senses a feast by promenading past “Squiggle” designed by Angus Muir Design, a river of light where you can hear the rushing sounds of water around you. And could there be a better sponsor for this than RiverLink?!

UV Spaghetti

UV Spaghetti

Enough of eating spaghetti, take a walk straight through it instead! Our UV Spaghetti installation is brought to you by Sign Foundry from the artistic minds at Angus Muir Design. We wonder whether we should put a “Do Not Eat” sign on it…?

Time Box

Step into this Macaulay Metals Time Box and get transported through space and time. Just remember not to get lost so you can enjoy the rest of HighLight 2019! Artwork credit: Koko Priyanto



A UFO has landed in Riddiford Garden. Where did it come from? Who’s inside it? Our friends from Queensgate are investigating… Approach with Caution. Designed and created by Go Go Gadget Design.


As EmbroidMe Wellington and American Apparel bring brand identities to life, so too does florescentia by converting the sun into chemical energy – resulting in life blossoming. Designed and created by Chimeria Atelier and Pineapple Design Studio.

White Ribbon Riders

White Ribbon Riders

POP: Big Bubble Events

Sound cloud

Song Cloud

Sal the snail

Sal the Snail

Enter the carnival! You never know who or what you’ll see roving around or listen to bands play on the More FM Main Stage or in the St James Church. With a passion for light, sculpture and performance, these artists bring people together through enchanting, interactive, shared moments and experiences capturing your imagination.


Carnival map

Use our map to help you find your way around the carnival. It has information on where to find light installations, performance stages, food and bathrooms.

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Get lost in space, time, the outdoors and maybe even lost in love with these installations.

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Glow in the dark face painting anyone? Bring a gold coin to get your face painted with proceeds going towards White Ribbon.

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Find Colin the T-Rex in his new home at Avalon Park, cycle to lighthouses and stop for ice cream.


Tag your HighLight images with #highlightcarnival and you could win a $250 Queensgate Shopping Centre voucher.