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This year we’re celebrating all things lost!
We have installations and performances across five zones where you’ll want to get lost in space, time, the outdoors and maybe even lost in love.

Fungi Fantasia

Fungi Fantasia

Step into this fantasy fun land and be dwarfed by towering mushrooms. Hang out under the toadstool canopy and enjoy the magical atmosphere.


Karaoke Love Songs

Who doesn't love a good sing-along? Come and sing your heart out to some of the greatest love songs old and new.


Enjoy this river of light from the promenade, and hear the rush of the water.



Get lost in this TARDIS as it transports you through space and time. It’s bigger on the inside.

Trumpet Flowers

You will feel like you have shrunk as you immerse yourself in the super-sized trumpet flower garden. Create your own music or catch one of the schedules animated musical scores throughout the evening.



An investigation into this UFO crash is underway, approach with caution.

UV Spaghetti

UV Spaghetti

Get tangled up and glow in the UV strands of spaghetti.

White Ribbon Riders

White Ribbon Riders

The White Ribbon Ride takes place annually to raise awareness across NZ for their cause. Check out some of the lead groups bikes.

…and more!

Our incredible event partners are once again helping bring HighLight to life for 2019.
HighLight continues to surpass all expectations of those who visit and we could not deliver this event free to the community without partnering with these amazing businesses and groups who are as passionate about HighLight as we are.
When you have the choice, please support our partners as they choose to support us.

HighLight volunteer partners

Embroid Me
American Apparel

Event delivery partners

Metro Production Services
MJF Lighting
Streamliner productions

Charity partner

White Ribbon