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This year we’re celebrating all things wild! We have installations and performances across five zones, where you’ll journey below the waves, across land and sky, experience the power of the elements, meet creepy-crawly characters, and discover a mythical forest.

Birds of Lumos

Proudly supported by Pelorus Trust, Gather around Rowi and her chick and watch them come to life. These wonderful birds, representing the rare Rowi species of kiwi, are a comment on the importance of conservation and the protection of wildlife. The Rowi kiwi does well to be wary of intruders, because unfortunately, 95% of kiwi hatched in the wild are killed by introduced pests and predators.

Colin the T-Rex

Take a trip back to the Jurassic period with this epic scrap dinosaur, a collaboration between Macaulay Metals and Real Steel... Rooooooaaaaaarrrrrr!

Crank Zappa

Proudly supported by The Breeze, Crank Zappa is a hot tempered electric Jellyfish designed to tell the public what he really thinks about plastic pollution. Crank was completely constructed from single use plastic items: 1000 plastic bags, straws, 800 plastic bottles and 1200 meters of recycled twine, all weaved together by 40 community volunteers. Gather under Crank as he electrifies and animates in response to human touch.


Gather around Fugu, the notorious Puffer Fish and he will come to life -swirling his body, and expanding to his larger form while glowing and pulsating different colours.


Become part of Octopoda's tentacle percussion ensemble by beating on his drums and creating your own light and sound experience.

Parrot Party

Inspired by the critically endangered native New Zealand Kea - gather around this interactive light and sound installation and experience the excitement of the parrots as they raise their voices in song and radiate colourful light.

Ryman Healthcare and Te Omanga Hospice: Fortune Fountain

Good luck? Who knows? Make a wish, have a go! Ryman Healthcare’s Bob Scott & Shona McFarlane retirement villages proudly sponsored the Fortune Fountain so that all wishes can be donated to Te Omanga Hospice.

Winston the Weta

Winston, a very well-read Weta has kindly offered to open up his cave allowing visitors to enter and even take a cheeky selfie.

…and more!