HighLight: Carnival of Lights Social Media Rules

We built this community to be inclusive, vibrant, and full of positive energy. To keep the good vibes flowing, we have a few simple rules to remember:

Respect the Radiance:

  • Keep it clean: Ditch the hate speech, insults, and anything you wouldn’t say to your grandma. We’re all about good vibes here.
  • No harassment, threats, or personal attacks. We’re here to celebrate, not throw shade.
  • Don’t spread misinformation or fake news. Facts only, please!

Stay on Track:

  • Keep comments relevant to the Carnival and the post you’re commenting on.
  • Privacy matters: Don’t share personal info about yourself or others.
  • No sales pitches, please: This isn’t the marketplace. Save the ads for appropriate places.

Feedback welcome, but be patient:

  • We appreciate your thoughts. We’ll try our best to respond to relevant questions, but may not reply to every comment.

Remember, these rules aren’t meant to dim your shine. They’re just here to keep the party fun and inclusive for everyone. We will not tolerate rude or bullying behaviour in any form, and will hide or delete comments that violate these guidelines.


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