Meet the Creatives

HighLight just wouldn’t be the same without the weird, wacky and wonderful brains creating these installations, performances and more. We’d love for you to know more about them.

Angus Muir Design

Award-winning studio Angus Muir Design, works at the intersection of people, space and objects. Dedicated to renewing and revitalising spaces while acknowledging their history, Angus Muir Design balances these three components to architect a mesmeric experience, unique and specific to each project and site. Angus Muir Design’s portfolio features a broad range of permanent and temporary projects, with an end-to-end design and installation service for every client – whether it be an event, interactive project, private commission, interior project, public work, or advertising/corporate sector assignment.

Angus Muir Design consists of a diverse and tight-knit team with varied experiences and skillsets, enhancing the company’s united and rigorous approach to projects. Keen collaborators, the studio work regularly with other industry leaders in specialised fabrication and services.

Streamliner Productions

No matter the venue, Streamliner Productions cutting-edge vision systems can be customised to fit any setting, ensuring maximum adaptability and performance.

They bring state-of-the-art vision systems, including building projection and custom LED screens, designed to bring our ideas to life. Streamliners high-end technology allows us to create immersive environments, dynamic stage designs, and captivating visual effects.

Creature Post

Creature Post is a creative studio based in Tamaki Makaurau.

The work they do combines physical and and digital worlds.

They build multi-layered experiences, that create moments of magic and human connection.

With a deep passion for crafting captivating public immersive collective experiences, they believe that every project presents a unique opportunity for creativity and collaboration.


Founded by three kiwi artists, Colossal are a tight knit team with deep roots in Wellington and a commitment to the Aotearoa events and performing arts industry. They expand our crew to suit their projects and start every day excited to collaborate with such a diverse range of talented people.

With backgrounds in circus, architecture and design, Colossal have a keen eye for detail and innovation that they love to mesh with their performance.

Bobbie Gray

Bobbie Gray is an Auckland-based artist who transforms discarded materials into immersive light installations that showcase New Zealand’s native flora. She advocates for environmental consciousness through the creative reuse of single-use plastics. A Whitecliffe College of Art & Design graduate, her work, which has been exhibited internationally, spans moving image, painting, sculpture and installation.

Blob Collective

Blob Collective is a multi-disciplinary group of artists crafting playful and vibrant immersive experiences. They explore playfulness and human connectivity, intending to inspire the audience and create a positive impact in the community. All of their projects involve interactions in some way, used as a way to immerse the audience in the story and concept from each project. They also use audience-first methodologies to make sure each project speaks to the audience. They took a part in numerous festivals since 2020, including Auckland Arts Festival and Auckland Live’s Summer in the Square.

South Island Light Orchestra (SILO)

South Island Light Orchestra is a collective of creatives based in Queenstown.

SILO uses light, sound and sculpture, combined with interactivity and strong narratives to deliver immersive experiences and installations.

SILO are the creators of the award winning LUMA Southern Light Project in Queenstown, New Zealand. Drawing from a diverse range of skill sets, the collective creates innovative work and experiences that celebrate the intersection of art, design and technology. SILO collaborates closely with industry leaders in the development of projects that are exhibited at LUMA and events across New Zealand.